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Advertisers & Partnerships     

At iCricketer.com, we know that we cannot succeed alone. There are times in every business age when the best way forward is through partnership with companies of similar strengths and characteristics. We are always open to exploring opportunities to partner and use the advantage of joint resources to make business happen. If you feel that such an opportunity exists within your organization or you have an idea you'd like to sound off, we would love to hear from you.

Here is a list of companies with whom iCricketer has partnered to date. They brought us collaboration as content partners, advertisers, sponsors and suppliers. We brought them a previously unimagined level of in-depth sport reporting. It's the ultimate in win-win relationships.
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Advertise with Us
When those dazzled by the illusion of the Dot Com bubble were burning through money, iCricketer was growing organically, accounting for every cent and banking on reliable revenue streams.

We believe that every ad cent spent needs to be accounted for and must bring incremental value to your business in extremely tangible terms. In addition to advertising, we offer numerous opportunities to promote and drive your brand.

Above is a list of advertisers and sponsors who have used iCricketer.com as a vehicle to promote their respective brands.

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